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Are you a coach, consultant or other business owner who speaks from stage to get clients and it’s DRAINING your time, money and energy when your audience LOVES you but no one BUYS?


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“Imagine what it would be like to have a calendar full of speaking gigs, total confidence on stage while your ideal clients are on the edge of their seats waiting to hear your offer and then BUY.


Imagine speaking as your way to make a huge difference in your life and the lives of those you touch.”


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Does this sound familiar?


  • You want more speaking gigs but it eludes you how to find and book them when other speakers seem to have full calendars


  • You LOVE speaking but when it’s time to make your offer, you mumble, babble or sweat – or end up skipping it altogether


  • You spent lots of time learning, tweaking, figuring out how to make this all work and it stops you from even getting out there


  • And when you do, there are so many things to remember that you come across stiff, inauthentic and worried
  • And as you continue to try to figure this out, you are blaming yourself and beginning to doubt your own purpose for speaking at all, especially because no one is even nibbling at your offer


You’re not alone. I was exactly like you! And a lot of speakers I work with felt this way too.


My name is Mary Cravets and I made a lot of mistakes, wasted a LOT of time and money trying to find speaking gigs, or traveling to gigs and not making a dime.


Now my calendar is full and my client list (and bank account) keeps growing because after spending money on expert after expert promising to show me the secret formula to become a successful speaker, I realized one important thing…




The truth is “there are TONS of groups looking for speakers and there is a way to deliver your valuable content, without giving it all away, and EASILY offer your services with absolute confidence.


Program coordinators are just hoping professional speakers with integrity – speakers like you – will get in touch with them and make their job easier!


Just imagine knowing…


  • how to easily find those coordinators looking for speakers


  • how to talk to them so you get booked easily


  • how much content to share so your audience is wanting more


  • how to offer your services in a way that they line up to hire you


  • your purpose and message is getting out there to those who need it!


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All of this CAN be your reality too! And I can show you how!


(subheading size) That’s why I’ve created


(heading size) “Speaking Made Easy and Profitable: 5 Steps to a Full Calendar and Total Confidence In Your Offer With New Clients and Money Flowing In”


In this LIVE training, I’m going to walk you through each step to make YOUR speaking easy and profitable!


(image or box around each step title) Step 1: Discover Your Raving Fans


Develop your ideal client profile so that every talk is in front of the right audience who WANTS exactly what you offer. We use your client profile in every aspect of the speaking process so every word is aligned with what your ideal clients are willing to pay for.


Step 2: Get Bookings Quickly and Easily


Having enough bookings is the key to building a successful speaking career. You’ll get email verbiage that has landed me tons of speaking engagements and search criteria that lets you find the right opportunities. It’s time to consistently bring in new client and new sales!


“Using just the techniques you shared to find groups and the email language to inquire about speaking, I booked three gigs my first week!” Nancy, Chef (picture if you have one)


Step 3: Create Captivating Titles and Talk Descriptions


If your talk titles suck, people won’t even attend your talks, even when someone else is bringing your audience together. You need titles that speak directly to your ideal clients so it’s a natural extension of what they’re interested in. Making your offer becomes easy, natural and effortless when you set the stage for success from the beginning.


We will work together to come up with customized, captivating talk titles and descriptions that draw big audiences.


Step 4: Pack Your Talk with Value AND Leave Them Wanting More


People don’t buy from you when they don’t know what you can do for them. Most speakers give away way too much content and their audiences think there is nothing else to learn. When you craft your talk so you give a lot of value without overwhelming your audience, it builds your credibility in a huge way, you look like an expert, and you make sales. It gives the audience a more positive experience and more clients coming in the door for you!


I give you a complete structure for your talk that is literally fill in the blank, so you can take your awesome content and deliver it in a way that makes the most sense to your audience and makes your ideal clients want to hire you.


“I used to give away all of my content and couldn’t understand why people didn’t hire me. I worked with Mary to restructure my content, and the first time I used my new format I made sales!” Melissa, LinkedIn Coach (picture if you have one)


Step 5: Deliver Offers Your Ideal Clients Can’t Resist


Sales offers are often the hardest part of a talk for most speakers. When you set the stage correctly, like we do in Steps 1-4, the offer is then the easy part! Then, the offer feels natural for you to deliver and your ideal clients can’t resist.


In this module we craft several ways to approach an offer so that each time you speak, you’re making the right offer to each audience. (end of steps…)


You’ll walk away from this program with your detailed (yet simple) “Speaking Made Easy and Profitable Plan.” You’ll know it’s possible for you to do this and it will finally work!


So you may be wondering, how exactly am I going to teach you all of this?


Great question!


I’ve designed this training to get you customized solutions to rev up your results with live training and masterminding with other up-and-coming speakers and all of the tools you need to make this easy!


(image or box around text) Four Live Phone Sessions


You will get personalized training, coaching and mentoring through each step. I will answer all of your questions and even have an opportunity to get hot seat coaching for individual, personal attention on what you need help with.


(image or box around text) BONUS Session: Top Speaking Tips


You will get my top speaking tips, do’s and don’ts, how to make even small group talks profitable, get over any old habits that have kept you stuck and not making money and how to make money for years to come from each speaking engagement!


(image or box around text) Top Speaking Tools


You’ll get checklists, PowerPoint templates, full speaking scripts, email verbiage, examples of offers and much more!


(image or box around text) All Session Recordings


I’ve got you covered if you can’t make a call. You’ll be able to send me questions early and I’ll make sure to answer them during the session.


Plus, you’re going to get these BONUSES:


(different image or box around text to differentiate from features above) BONUS 1:


For the first 5 to sign up, you get a one-on-one coaching session with me to fine-tune the details of your talk to make it authentic, profitable and EASY! ($500 value)


(same bonus image or box) BONUS 2:


Download my classic version of Speaking Gigs: Find them. Book them. Make them pay.” You can get started using my tricks of the trade right away! ($200 value)


(same bonus image or box) BONUS 3:


A private Facebook Community where you’ll gather with like minded speakers and get constant feedback and sharing of resources on booking your gigs, creating your titles and descriptions, the construction of your talk and content and how to easily transition to your offer. ($300 value)


At this point, you may be wondering “What’s this going to cost me?”


Before I answer, let me ask YOU a question:


What is it worth to you to know you can easily book speaking gigs, get on stage with confidence and have clients line up to work with you? What’s the value that those clients will bring as you are finally able to get the money to flow with your speaking?


Take it from me, I’ve been there and I don’t want to see you suffer on stage (and in your bank account) anymore! I know how it can drag you down and make you think about giving it up.


No more! I am committed to helping you make this easier and more profitable!


I’m not into complicating, overcharging, or teaching anything I haven’t personally done myself. Speaking to groups has been highly lucrative for me and I’m going to hand over exactly what has worked.


No fluff, no distractions or smoke and mirrors. Just the simple actions and structures that have freed me to walk into any group and help people succeed, offer tons of value, and get new clients at every gig. Good stuff. Simple stuff. Stuff you can absolutely do yourself.  


The cost of this one-of-a-kind program is $997. This is a fraction of what you stand to make even signing up a few more clients from every free speaking gig!


Are you ready to finally do that for yourself?


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Yes, Mary! I’m ready to make my speaking easy and profitable!


For just $997, I understand I am getting:


  • 4 Live Phone Sessions: Mondays 7/13- 8/3/15


  • BONUS Session: Top Speaking Tips: Monday 8/10/15


  • Top Speaking Tools


  • Recordings of all Sessions


  • BONUS: My classic version of this course, downloadable immediately


  • BONUS: The first 5 to sign up get a one-on-one coaching session with me


Pay in Full at just $997


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Plus, you’re protected with my “Easy and Profitable” Guarantee


If you fully participate in this program – complete the exercises, show up for the calls, and implement what is suggested – you will see results. If you don’t, I will give you a full refund. Totally serious.


So are you ready to get started? (link) Reserve your spot TODAY because your next easy and profitable speaking gig is only a few weeks away!


“You CAN be yourself on stage and make money with your offers without it being difficult! I am excited to show you how and see the money flowing in for you!” ~Mary Cravets (small pic of you)


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