“Learn How to Create and Use Videos in Your Sales Funnel to Captivate, Connect With and Convert Your Soul Aligned Clients!”

Follow along with this 5 step video training course…

Start Creating Soul to Soul Videos that Sell Today!

The Challenge is Over

What You’ll Get Inside The Soul to Soul Videos that Sell Challenge…

This step-by-step course is designed to show you exactly how to create and use videos in your marketing. This is the EXACT process I use to consistently make sales every day for myself and my clients.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Step 1: How to Uncover Your MUSE and Your Soul Aligned Clients’ MUSEs for Captivating Soul to Soul Videos

This step is foundational for anything you do in your Soul to Soul Sales. As you uncover your MUSE and your Soul Aligned Clients’ MUSEs, the flow happens in your sales, money, business and life!

Use this simple exercise to find out what your MUSE has to say to your ideal clients and what stand you take for your ideal clients. With a hands-on approach, you will ground your MUSE into all of your sales and video.

Step 2: How to Connect with Your Soul Aligned Clients So Your Videos Attract Them and Keep Them Coming Back for More

This is step that begins the connecting Soul to Soul. In this step you’ll discover exactly what your ideals clients want from you and what words will resonate with them as you create your videos.

This exercise helps you find out what people want and what resonates with them as they watch your videos. Goodbye, guesswork!

Step 3: Which Technology Elements Go Into Great Videos While Keeping It Simple and Soul to Soul

There are certain tech pieces to make quick, easy and professional videos. In this step, you will learn those elements and how to have them ready whenever you create your videos WITHOUT selling your soul as you do!

Step 4: How to Create Your First Soul to Soul Video That Captivates, Connects With and Converts

This is where we bring it all together and create an actual video you can use right away! Magically watch the pieces come together in a way you never even thought possible.

Plus, watch as I show you how to figure out what worked and what didn’t to make it even better next time and each time going forward.

Step 5: How and Where to Use Your Soul to Soul Videos For Maximum Impact and Having Them Ask YOU to Sign Up

Now that you’ve created this awesome video, what do you do with it?! This step will show you how and where to use your video. You can create videos all you want but if you don’t put it out there where your ideal clients will see it, they can’t be captivated, connect and convert!

Okay so maybe that was a little over the top, but it’s true!



And Most Importantly, You Will Walk Away With a Soul to Soul Video You Can Use Right Away!

You Don’t Have to Sell Your Soul to Create Videos that Captivate, Connect with and Convert Your Soul Aligned Clients!

The Challenge is Over

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