For Quick and Consistent Money Flow, Create Your First Inspired Funnel

Work with Kelly Jo Murphy to create your first Inspired Funnel and begin making cash with it in one week!

$497 (Regularly $1997)

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Create Your Inspired Funnel in a Day

Get the support and plan to create Inspired Funnels over and over again


A Simple Checklist to Implement Again and Again

Whenever inspiration strikes, you’ll know exactly what to do to cash in on your idea.

Soul to Soul Support with the Knowledge to Back It Up

Your Soul knows the way. I will honor your Soul as I guide you to get it done!

What You Get in Your “Inspiration to Cash” VIP Day

  • 1 Full Day Together to Create Everything You Need for Your First Inspired Funnel
  • 4 1hr Calls and Homework in Between to Get It Done
  • A Checklist You Can Use Over and Over Again Whenever Inspiration Strikes
  • The Technical Pieces Put Together and Integrated to Have It All Come Together Simply and Quickly
  • You WILL Have Your First Inspired Funnel in Place and Making Money Within a Week


1 hr Follow Up Consultation to make sure it all comes together for you!

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$497 (Regularly $1997)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me if I don't know what to create?

Yes, in our first hour together, we will go over any ideas you have, look for clues and inspirations that may be wanting to come out. We find the exact inspired idea that is right to create in your Inspired Funnel.

What if I need more help than 1 days worth?

We will accomplish A LOT in one day, probably more than you might think. And if you need more time together, the BONUS hour consultation will help us to make sure it all comes together for you! And I also work 1-1 with private clients to create their whole sales funnel in their business if you want more support.

What if I don't know how to set up the technical things?

I know how to set up all of the technical pieces you need. I make it very simple as we do it together. Once you have the technical pieces in place for your first Inspired Funnel, the next ones are super easy to create!

What if I don't make cash right away?

We will work together to create everything in a way that points to you making cash right away. If for some reason you do not make your investment back within 30 days, I will give you a full refund.

Never Be Upset Again When Someone Else Comes Out With an Idea You Just Had…

Because It Will Be YOU Who Cashes In On It First!

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$497 (Regularly $1997)

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