“Learn How to Take the Inspired Ideas You Have for Your Business and Turn Them Into Quick and Consistent Income!”

A Masterclass with Kelly Jo Murphy of Soul to Soul Sales…

Thursday, May 19th 10am PST, 1pm EST (Includes Recording of Class Too)

Grab Your Seat to Learn How to Create Cash With Your Inspired Ideas!

What You’ll Learn in this “Inspiration to Cash” Masterclass…

This step-by-step process is designed to show you exactly what to do when inspiration strikes and how to cash in on it! This is the EXACT process I use to consistently make sales every day for myself and my clients.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Step 1: You Are Full of Inspired Ideas: How This is a Strength in Your Business

It is fun and awesome to be full of ideas but sometimes it feels like a curse. I know. I’ve been there and felt that! Sometimes you don’t know which ones to actually implement. And sometimes other people are putting things out there that are JUST LIKE the idea you just had. Frustrating! And then it makes you second guess yourself or not even take action.

I will show you how your abundance idea mind, heart and soul are one of your biggest ASSETS to your business!

Step 2: How to Know Which Ideas are Quickly and Easily Cashable

With so many ideas, which ones are the ones to take action on that you can profit from? This Step shows you 3 things to look for in each idea to know if it’s cashable. Goodbye, guesswork!

Step 3: How to Implement Your Ideas So You CAN Turn Them Into Cash Quickly

There is a sweet spot timetable to implement your ideas that you need to know about to quickly cash in. I will show you the exact things to do when to make it happen!

Step 4: Which Resources You Need to Have in Place to Quickly Turn Your Idea Into Viable Cash

This is where we bring it all together and create exactly what you need to do this right away! The list is shorter and easier than you think. I will show you how quickly they can be put into place.

Step 5: How to Continue to Profit From Each Inspired Idea You Cash In On

Now that you’ve created this awesome inspired idea and turned it into cash, how do you consistently cash in on it?! This step will show you how and what to do next for continual money flow. You can create quick cash from your inspired ideas but if you don’t create a funnel that brings in consistent income, it becomes harder and harder to keep making that money flow!

Okay so maybe that was a little over the top, but it’s true!



And Most Importantly, You Will Walk Away With a Plan You Can Use Right Away With Your Next Inspired Idea!

You Don’t Have to Wait to Start Making Money From Your Inspired Ideas as They Strike!

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