This Special Business Event is for You if You Are…

…A Soul Centered Entrepreneur With a Purpose and Mission to Share and Make a Difference for Others

…Afraid of Sales, Feel It’s Icky, Not Sure How to Do It, Don’t Want to Be Pushy

…Ready for a New Way to Do Sales That Comes from Your Heart and Soul

…Wanting Sales to Flow In, Wanting Clients to Flow In, Wanting Money to Flow In

It’s YOUR Time to DANCE Your Way to the Bank Without Selling Your Soul!

And DANCE we will!

  • This event is designed to take everything you need to learn to sell soul to soul, and love it! And not just intellectual learning, we will DANCE it all the way through your mind, heart, body and soul!
  • With each step in the DANCE sales system, we will do exercises that ground the concepts so deeply that you can’t help but transform your relationship with yourself, your clients, your selling processes, your money, your business and your life!!!
  • You, your soul, your soul aligned clients are all HONORED in the process of learning how to DANCE your way to the bank. This event is intimate for a reason, to get you the exact attention you deserve as we uncover, discover and rejoice in your own unique way of selling soul to soul!

In this Transformative Event You Will…

2. Learn the DANCE Sales System that has you selling Soul to Soul everytime!

These 5 steps are the foundation for every sales conversation you will have: On the phone, in person, at an event, on a webinar, in your copy.

You will use these steps over and over again to make everything flow in your business and life!

1. Discover Your Irresistible Sales Language and How to Use It To Convert More Sales Without Selling Your Soul.

You have your own way of selling that works for you, only you. Once you discover this, selling becomes easy, natural, fun and you LOVE it!

3. Transform Your Relationship with Money Where You Rejoice When Asking For It.

Find out why you get objection after objection when you sell.

Learn the exact way to USE objections to help you convert your potential clients into paying clients.

Experience a sense of relief that selling CAN feel good, you’re not DOING something TO your potential clients anymore and they eagerly say YES Sign Me Up! when you offer your programs and services. The DANCE selling system is all about partnering WITH your soul aligned clients FOR their transformation!

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express Suites in Old Town Scottsdale

Airport: Phoenix Sky Harbor

With a $10 shuttle to the hotel.

Set in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, the weather is beautiful in February and the sightseeing is quaint and charming, while still being upscale!

You can expect a high in the 60s, mild and sunny! Enjoy our beautiful climate and many activities in Arizona: hiking, golfing, shopping and more!

Make a full weekend of it and explore our gorgeous city and state!

After registering, you will receive information about how to get a special rate with the hotel.

Meet Kelly Jo…

I didn’t always love selling. I was scared, intimated and hated getting NOs! Listen to why I am DANCING my way to the bank now so that YOU can too!

Join me and other soul centered entrepreneurs at The DANCE Live Event

Single Day Event

$97 - Early Bird Special!
  • Full Day Event on Friday, February 10th, 2017
  • Catered Lunch
  • DANCE Party
  • 2ND Day Lunch
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What Others Are Saying…

“Although I have been in sales most of my life, Kelly Jo’s approach is not sales as usual. From a seasoned sales person to a newbie, Kelly Jo will help you attract the right clients, through the communication method she teaches, with her DANCE system.

Kelly Jo’s sales training techniques are creative and add a warm touch to the misunderstood world of sales.”

Sandi Jacobs

“When I first came to Kelly Jo, selling was something I would avoid as much as possible and that was not serving me nor my business. Even when someone would actually tell me they wanted me to work with them, I would shy away from asking to be compensated.

But Kelly Jo showed me there was another way, a purposeful way to interact with my potential clients that allowed me to keep my integrity and feel good about the selling process that both honors me and my client.

Kelly Jo is always very generous with her time and graciously shares her advice. She lifts you up to untangle the intricacies of soul-to-soul selling until you get it, while making you feel you are worth the effort. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Zaza Giroday

Join Me for The DANCE Live Event If You…


  • Want More and More Money to Flow In Easily


  • Want to Make Money Doing What You Love


  • Are Ready to Learn to Sell From Your Heart and Soul


  • Are Ready to Step Into Your Full Powerful Self In Your Business and Life


  • Are Done Hiding Your Light


  • Know That Your Relationship with Money Is Needing Some Repair


  • Are Ready to Feel Worthy of All That You Want


  • Want Sales to Be Fun, Easy and Profitable

Single Day Event

$97 - Early Bird Special
  • Full Day Event on Friday, February 10th, 2017
  • Catered Lunch
  • DANCE Party
  • 2ND Day Lunch
Register Today

We all have a gift for the world, for those who know we are meant to serve. YOU are the gift your soul aligned clients are waiting for!

You have to be ready to offer them the exact help they are wanting from you! You can do it. You can do it in a way that feels in alignment and in your own truth.

It’s time to let your light shine and help those who are waiting for you!

Come to Scottsdale and you will find your way unique way of selling soul to soul and with more energy to bring it to life than you ever have before!

Imagine SHINING and your clients saying “Yes! Sign Me Up!” because you stepped into that.

Got questions? Feel free to send an email to me at

Since working with Kelly Jo I have found a new ease with selling. In fact, so much so that I wouldn’t use that word anymore to describe what happens!

This, alongside the streamlining of my sales processes, has led me to increasing my revenue by 30% in the first month of working with her and also given me the confidence to reach out to other businesses and organisations, rather than just the public.

All of this while knowing I have stayed in alignment with my soul and that of my clients. It feels brilliant!

Jane Duncan Rogers

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